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We are often asked…  “What is Trail Magic”?

Defined as ‘an unexpected act of generosity or kindness on a hiking trail’,

the term was originally coined on the Appalachian Trail in the USA.

We are also asked…   “Who or What is Trail Magic Baggage”?

Trail Magic Baggage is not a single company but it does offer a nationwide service.

It has no head office or centralised administration facility!

Trail Magic Baggage Co-Operative, is a network of small independent family businesses operating together under the Trail Magic banner to offer a Luggage Transfer facility using a relay system on most of the Hiking, Running & Cycling Trails across the United Kingdom.

Let’s use Cumbria as our example…

If you hike The Furness Way (75 miles going east/west):

Kevin at Trail Magic Lakes South will move your bags all the way on your trip.

If you hike The Cumbria Way (73 miles going north/south):

Kevin will move your bags on part of the trail and Karl at Trail Magic Lakes North will complete.

If you hike the Wainwright Coast to Coast trail (192 miles)

Kevin and Karl will do the first half, then Ian at Trail Magic Yorkshire Dales will take over.

Several Days later, Phil at Trail Magic North York Moors will do the final four of five days.

And that’s how it works on all of the trails that we service Nationwide.

All of our trails cost a fixed £9.00 per bag per day (max 20kg per bag).

The Trail Magic Baggage Co-operative Family

Trail Magic company


Based at

Trail Magic Lakes South

Franchise available

Trail Magic Lakes North

Franchise available

Trail Magic North Lancashire & Bowland

Stephen Sharratt


Trail Magic Yorkshire Dales

Ian Sadler


Trail Magic North York Moors

Franchise available

Trail Magic East Yorkshire & Coast

Franchise available

Trail Magic Derbyshire

Franchise available

Trail Magic Hadrian’s Wall & Borders

Rob Jarman


Trail Magic West Highland Way

Franchise available

Trail Magic Northumberland

Franchise available

Trail Magic Offa’s Dyke

Franchise available

Trail Magic Pembrokeshire

Franchise available

Trail Magic Snowdonia

Mark Thomas


Trail Magic Cotswolds

Franchise available